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Food System Master of Science Program (Master Food System)

Research programme
01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018
Prof. Luca Simone Cocolin

Project participants

Project description

The integrated Master in Food Systems will equip a new generation of top talent with the skills, competences and knowledge to become innovators and entrepreneurs in the Food sector. The Master degree will provide a best in class, innovative educational programme that overcomes a number of challenges in the sector - the collaboration of industry in the development and execution of the programme ensures key employability criteria are secured and students have access to resources and insights from industrial partners and entrepreneurial ventures alike. With geographic and organisational mobility as a core feature, students will study at three different universities and be exposed to a range of organisational settings to enhance their understanding of the food sector. Sustainability is built in through a focus on systems thinking to expose current and future challenges and to inspire highly creative solutions.

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